Led strip light for car with USB port app control blxck norway™

Led Strip Light For Car With USB Port APP Control. Check The Details To Know More

App-Controlled Car Accessories - It's always great to add an interior car light to any location in your vehicle. These USB vehicle-led strips are shaped in such a way that the wiring and lights may be laid out and positioned in such a way that you have a wonderful accent lighting around the feet of your driver and passengers. It eliminates the need for a separate linked device, making it extremely convenient.

Decoration Led Lights For Car Floor - There are numerous settings available, including light brightness and color! It's perfect for accent lighting and comes with a variety of flashing, strobe, and other random settings. Having them strobe when music is playing, or when a voice or music is being played. And it surely attracts people's attention in a positive way and contributes to the romantic atmosphere.

Easy To Install - Our automobile-led USB light is adaptable, weatherproof, and simple to install. Test the lights directly in the USB port, then stick the light under the dash.

Safe USB Recharge - Our automobile led lights are rechargeable by USB, which is safer and produces less heat than using a cigarette port adaptor. The led strip lights can be used to decorate a car, a home, a KTV, or a party. The working voltage of the car LED light strip is 12V, and the USB port is hidden.