LED fantasy jellyfish lamp blxcknorway™

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LED Fantasy Jellyfish Lamp. Check The Details To Know More

Unique Decoration - A deluxe jellyfish lava lamp for the kids in your family is a one-of-a-kind decoration. Now with a 6.5 x 15-inch jellyfish lamp, 2 pcs large super transparent fluorescent jellyfish with adaptor power and a handbook.

Specifical Design - This jellyfish lamp is powered by a whisper-quiet motor, and you can adjust the color by pressing the key light, which has seven different settings. The tentacles do not get stuck in the pump because of the unique design.

Ocean Projector Capable - With our round jellyfish lamp's new LED projector option, you can turn your child's room into an aquatic oasis! Simply remove the little cover from the top of the jellyfish night light, and the alternating water movement, shifting LED colors, and dancing jellyfish will create beautiful aqua effects on any dark room's ceiling. You get two goods for the price of one with the jellyfish aquarium nightlight!

Make Your Room More Seductive - Lifelike jellyfish models swim silently, producing a relaxing, tranquil, and calming deep-sea environment for your home or office. The lifelike jellyfish movements are so lifelike that you'll wonder if they're real. Immerse yourself in the Ocean's Peace and Calm.

Package Includes-

✅1 x Jellyfish Night Light
✅1 x USB cable
✅1 x user manual

Note: if the jellyfish do not swim, add more detergent

Instructions To Use -

1. Use 5V for plug
2. Pour half of the clean water into the aquarium before use, shake it a few times, and pour it out to clean the aquarium's impurities.
3. Plug in the USB cable and pour clean water again. The surface of the water is about one centimeter away from the mouth of the bottle. Add 3-6 drops of detergent into the water.
4. After smoothing the tentacles of the jellyfish, put them in the water and cover them. Just turn on the switch.

LED fantasy jellyfish lamp blxcknorway™

LED fantasy jellyfish lamp blxcknorway™