Lens Warmer Dew Heater BLXCK NORWAY™

Lens Warmer Dew Heater. Check The Details To Know More

Heating - Outside diameters greater than 3.15"/80mm but less than 4.3"/110mm are suitable for heating. Warming up the camera lens or telescope to prevent fogging and to ensure that the equipment may be used. Ideal for photographing in low-temperature, high-humidity environments.

Adjustable Temperature - A 1.5m temperature regulator with low, medium, and high modes allow you to customize the temperature to meet your needs.

USB Power Supply - Runs on external USB power and can be used in the open air for a long time. It may be connected to a power bank or any other power source with a USB connector, making it convenient and useful.

Expand Use - Ideal for heating lenses, glass kettles, or infant bottles, as well as acting as a body warmer if needed.

Safe & Reliable - Made of high-quality materials, it has a rapid heat transmission rate and an excellent heat preservation effect, and it uses a low-temperature cable that can survive temperatures as low as -40°C, making it suitable for use in cold situations.