Lightweight Neck Posture Corrector BLXCK NORWAY™

Neck Posture Corrector Which suits Children to Aged People

The Neck Brace is the most lightweight and unobtrusive non-constricting neck support available. The Neck Brace relieves neck pain and improves forward head posture by teaching your neck how to recognize proper alignment. It also provides temporary relief to weary neck muscles and is suitable for everyday usage.

For the best results, we recommend wearing the Neck Brace for two to three hours at a time, with rest breaks in between to ensure comfort while using the device. We do not recommend wearing the device while sleeping in case you get into an inappropriate postural position.

We recommend sleeping with a low, firm pillow next to the Neck Brace, using heat or cold packs, and exercising to help restore your normal muscle function. The Neck Brace is great for anyone who wants to enhance their posture and maintain day-to-day support in a fully non-invasive and discreet manner.

Please look upwards and angle your head slightly while tightening the Velcro fasteners, then gradually lower your chin down into the support to create a secure and supportive fit. If your Neck Brace is a little too big/small and has to be adjusted when it arrives, simply mold the product to the curve of your neck.