Magnetic USB cable blxcknorway™

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Magnetic USB Cable. Check The Details To Know More

360° Rotation & LED Light Design - The magnetic charging head can be turned 360 degrees and has an LED light design. LED lights are intended to make it easier to locate cables in the dark. It is the greatest option for drivers, vision-impaired individuals, children, the elderly, and handicapped individuals.

Universal & Multifunction - With a unique magnetic three-in-one design, it's compatible with a wide range of devices. There is no need to bring any extra cords when you are in a car, office, or traveling because it comes with three distinct types of magnetic tips: Micro USB, Type C, and iproducts.

One-Hand Operation - The magnetic cable allows you to turn on and off the charging cable with just one hand. Driving is both convenient and safe. It is the finest option for Uber and Lyft ride-sharing.

Interface Dust-Proof Interface - Placing the magnetic tip on the phone's charging interface prevents dust from sticking.

LED Indicator - Built-in Blue LED Indicator When the cable is active, the LED indicator lights.

Ultra Durable - Metal Port + Nylon Braid Wire, which makes the product sturdy and resistant to kinks and tangles.

Easy To Charge - The socket is isolated from the cord, making charging simple. Only 1 second connected to charge, plug can stay on the phone.

Magnetic USB cable blxcknorway™

Magnetic USB cable blxcknorway™