Double-sided Window Cleaner BLXCK NORWAY™

Cleaning the windows of your house can be a bit hectic sometimes. It takes too much effort along with your precious time. If you are looking for a tool that can help you clean the glass effortlessly and quickly, then Double-sided Magic Window Cleaner is the right option for you.
It is a magnetic window cleaner that works excellent for window glasses that have a thickness from 3-8mm. Its strong magnetic force allows you to clean your windows from both the side at the moment. It locks both the surface of this cleaning tool together.
It has a triangle-shaped design that freely rotates all around the corner and is quite flexible. This is one of the most convenient tools that will keep your hand safe from all kinds of chemicals and detergents while cleaning the window. The handle is also quite strong and easy to handle.
You do not need to take the risk of standing by your window anymore. This double-sided cleaner can wipe all the areas of your windows together. It also comprises a safety cord of 2 m that will save this tool from falling in rare cases.
This efficient tool is made up of high-quality ABS material and natural latex magnet. It is a highly durable and strong tool that will help you to clean your glass more safely. To use this, all you need to do is attach both sides with a magnet hold one side of the clamp, Now swipe it so that the other side can follow it very well.