Medical pouch first aid survival emergency camping kit

Our medical pouch first aid survival emergency camping kit is designed to address all catastrophic blood loss situations and includes everything you need and more. The CAT Tourniquet is intended to compress the limb in order to limit blood flow. The greatest hemorrhage control compression option is the Emergency Bandage. A 15g packet of Celox Hemostatic Granules is generally enough to treat arterial severe bleeding. When an open chest injury develops, a vented Chest Seal is applied.
Compresses the limb to impede blood flow. Prevents haemorrhaging, which is one of the primary causes of avoidable mortality in both tactical and non-tactical settings. A small Emergency pack with tonnes of supplies. This pack includes the market's most user-friendly, compact, and popular survival and first aid materials for catastrophic bleeding management.
This bag is the right size for attaching to a tactical vest, battle belt, or rucksack using the MOLLE system as an Everyday Carry pouch while offering quick access to all the necessities. I like how compact it is while yet holding a good quantity of first aid supplies and having room to add more if desired.

The rear of this kit has a sturdy, secure Velcro closure for rapid removal from the belt or bag. There is no need to untie or unfasten anything. Simply pull/rip off and you're ready to help. The package has everything you need to survive in the wilderness of Northern Minnesota or on the battlefield.
Designed specifically for outdoor adventure, hunting, camping, travel, catastrophe, and accident by U.S. Marine combat veterans. An Emergency mylar thermal blanket, a Combine pad, Trauma shears, an emergency whistle, a Mini sharpie, sterile gauze pads, and antiseptic wipes are also included in the pack.
  • ✔️Perfect 'glovebox-sized' triage kit
  • ✔️Massive haemorrhage and circulatory care
  • ✔️Trauma first response kit
  • ✔️Tools and supplies
  • ✔️Rip-away velcro for fast removal
  • ✔️Durable molle pouch
  • ✔️Portable Carry
  • ✔️Quality and service
  • ✔️C.a.t. Tourniquet
  • ✔️Complete bleed control kit
  • ✔️Waterproof, breathable and wear-resistant
  • ✔️Size about: 26*18*8cm
  • ✔️Weight about:600g
  • ✔️Packing List:
  • ✔️1 x Bag
  • ✔️1 x Emergency Bandage(4in)
  • ✔️1 x Tape(1in)
  • ✔️1 x Scissor(5.5in black)
  • ✔️1 x Chest seal
  • ✔️1 x Compress Guaze(4in x 5yds)
  • ✔️1 x Nitrile Black Gloves(L)
  • ✔️1 x Tourniquet(Plastic swivel)
  • ✔️1 x Naso Airway 28F
  • ✔️1 x Marker
  • ✔️1 x Elastic bandage 7.5*4.5cm