Get Ready to Play Golf With these Waterproof Sneakers Even in Rain

Anti-skid Studs - Anti-skid studs and non-slip rubber soles of sneakers soles, the body rotates at high speed when the upper and lower bars, the front ends of the feet will generate strong external rotation force, and the inner ends of the feet will generate internal rotation force, The oblique pins with reversed inside and outside can be inserted deeply into the grassroots to prevent slipping.
Cushioning & Comfortable - Golf sports shoes use IP injection cushioning midsole, which is soft and fits the heel; Waterproof membrane cotton lining, rapid exhaust, and cooling, breathable and sweat-absorbing; the insole is made of soft elastic material to provide more and more buffer.
Rotating Buckle Shoelace - Rotating buckle shoelace, the shoelace system is made of high-strength steel wire, which can withstand a pulling force of 40KG; it is very convenient to wear the shoes in a few seconds; rotate clockwise to tighten, pull them out, loosen Open, simple and convenient.
Super Waterproof - Men’s golf shoes are made of waterproof microfiber leather on the outside, both inside and outside, with moisture-proof protection, and a layer of waterproof socks is embedded in the lining, which is super waterproof, without fear of rain, keeps the inside of the shoes dry and makes your feet more comfortable.
Simple & Stylish - Innovative materials and designs provide you with the performance you need on the court and the style you need when you leave the court. Golf daily walks, and other sports can be worn, comfortable, and breathable.