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Men Quality Leather Travel Bags. Check The Details To Know More

Premium Genius Leather & High-density Canvas - This travel bag is made of high-density water-resistant waxed canvas and premium cowhide crazy horse leather, with high-quality fasteners that ensure long-term durability. When you stuff with a lot of stuff, the high-density canvas won't rip or tear.

Oversized Size - You'll be astonished by the size of this tote bag; the enormous main compartment and several interior pockets are ideal for all types of garments, books, and travel essentials; this travel bag is great for a 3-day weekender or business vacation.

Comfortable to Use - The rounded handles make it easy to carry as a carry-on handbag. A detachable wide adjustable canvas strap that may be worn as a shoulder bag is also included with the bag. The strap is available in sizes ranging from 27.9" to 52" and can be worn by people of various heights and body types.

Dimensions - This travel bag is 48" (L)x 24" (W) x 24" (H) cms on the inside, with one huge main compartment and two zipper pockets, as well as two little pockets for a cell phone or coin. Two side magnetic button pockets on the exterior. 2.16" is the width of the strap.

Classic Style - This is ideal for those who frequently travel for business, travel, camp, or engage in outdoor sports.