Men's swimming shorts goggles with ear-plug cap case blxck norway™

Men's Swimming Shorts Goggles with Ear-plug Cap Case. Check The Details To Know More

Value Swimming Goggle Set - Includes Swim Goggles, Case, Earplugs, and Nose Clip. You can take pleasure in swimming with the help of these things. Most people can fit into the swim goggles.

Anti Fog & UV Protection - To avoid fogging, the inside surfaces of the lenses have an anti-fog coating. You will be able to see well and far away underwater. When you swim outside, especially, the outside sides of the lenses are meticulously coated with ultraviolet-proof material to effectively shield your eyes from damaging sunlight.

No Leaking, Flexible & Comfortable - To ensure a leak-proof seal, these swim goggles have a double-deck seal design and flexible silicone gasket frame construction. Your eye socket fits a 3D ergonomic design. Swimming goggles are simple to put on and take off thanks to their well-designed buckle.

Have Fun Swimming - The polycarbonate used in the mirror anti-fog goggles is incredibly impact resistant. The nose clip and earplugs not only safeguard your eardrum and nasal passages but also enhance your swimming ability.