Men's and women's 11-zone smart vest electric heating jacket

Our men's and women's 11-zone smart vest electric heating jacket is both a warm and attractive jacket. The high collar design will make you feel more comfortable and warm, and the precise width of the hem will make you ideal for jogging, fishing, hunting, hiking, skiing, and other outdoor sports. Every part of the vest's design is filled with designers' original ideas, such as the handy and beautiful logo zipper sling.
9, and 11, optional carbon brazing heating zones comprise the great Vest's heating system. The system not only offers sustained heat for the upper body, which promotes metabolism, decreases muscular stiffness, and relieves muscle pain, but it also allows you to manage the heating zones with one button based on your needs.

The vest's inner layer is filled with lightweight down, while the outside layer is waterproof and windproof due to the use of high-quality nylon fabric. The high-quality vest features 30-making procedures, each of which is handcrafted, thanks to our tight stitching. The usage of 5V low voltage poses no risk to the human body. It is washable, and the power interface is both insulated and waterproof.
With a three-stage temperature adjustment, you may select between a warm temperature of 45°C (red light), a comfortable 35°C (white light), and an energy-saving 25°C (blue light). Suitable for (stomach * 2), (stomach * 2), (neck * 1), (shoulder * 2), (back * 2), (waist * 2), (total 11 heating zones), three-stage temperature control, intelligent heating, ideal for those who are scared of the cold in the winter.
Smart heating vest with infrared heating, no hazardous radiation, soft material, steady performance, environmental protection and energy savings, safe and dependable. Many outdoor activities such as climbing, camping, hiking, skiing, and fishing are possible. Please refer to the sizing chart for size, height, and weight before placing your order.
  • ✔️High-quality materials
  • ✔️Exquisite craftsmanship
  • ✔️Excellent warming system
  • ✔️Sleeveless trendy design
  • ✔️9 &11 optional heating zones
  • ✔️3 temperature adjustment
  • ✔️Relieves muscle pain
  • ✔️Decreases muscular stiffness
  • ✔️Promotes metabolism
  • ✔️Comfortable and warm

Size Chest circumference Length Shoulder Reference height Weight range (kg)
  S 51cm 63cm 39.1cm 150-160cm 40-50kg
 M 53cm 65cm 40.3cm 155-165cm 50-60kg
  L 55cm 67cm 41.5cm 165-175cm 55-65kg


57cm 69cm 42.7cm 170-180cm 65-75kg
 2XL 59cm 71cm 43.9cm 175-185cm 75-85kg
 3XL 61cm 73cm 45.1cm 180-190cm 80-90kg
 4XL 63cm 75cm 46.3cm 185-195cm 85-95kg
 5XL 65cm 77cm 47.5cm 190-200cm 90-100kg
 6XL 67cm 79cm 48.8cm 195-205cm 95-105kg