Mesh Car Pillow Lumbar & Neck Support BLXCK NORWAY™

Are you amongst the one who gets neck pain and back pain easily and frequently while sitting on a chair or driving? If yes, then it might not be a great sign for your overall health as it can affect your cervical spine. To avoid such circumstances, we have come up with this amazing Mesh Car Pillow Lumbar & Neck Support. This is one of the best neck and back pillows that you can use to reduce the strain on your neck and back while driving. It has a very soft material which is super comfortable for your body.
This pillow is made up of pure foam which is of premium quality. It works by using the heat of your body to mold the shape of the pillow as per the users’ requirements. It comes with a contoured design that fits perfectly with the curves of your back. It doesn’t matter where you are sitting, it will give you the maximum support and  thus, it is an excellent pillow that you can use daily at home, while driving, or in your office. This is a perfect option for teachers, office workers, pregnant women, etc.
Most of the car is not equipped with good lumbar support and as a result, you have to sit in discomfort continuously for a long hours. This pillow will eliminate the issue and will help to fill the gap present in any of the non supportive seats. The design of this pillow is quite ergonomic and is used for car seats or office chairs to give great support to the spinal curvature of your lower back. This pillow ensures that you get maximum support without any hassle or strain. This Mesh Car Pillow Lumbar & Neck Support helps you to maintain a proper body posture while sitting.
The cover of this mesh is of breathable material which will allow the air ventilation in and out. This airflow will allow the heat to dissipate in order to keep you cool. It can be easily washed in a machine and it is also safe to use a dryer on this pillow. In case your pillow has an odour, all you need to do is put that in a dryer on low heat along with a scented fabric softener for 30 to 35 minute and you are all set. It can be a great gift option on the occasion of birthday, New Year, Christmas, thanksgiving, etc