USB condenser microphone blxcknorway™

USB Condenser Microphone. Check The Details To Know More


Plug and Play - The microphone features a USB data connector and comes with a 5.0-foot USB cable. There is no need for the additional driver software or an external sound card; simply designate the USB mic as the default input in your software settings.

(Note that it works with Mac OS, Windows, and PS4, but not with phones, iPads, or Xbox.)

Built-in High-Quality Chipset - The USB condenser computer microphone features a professional sound chipset with a sampling rate of up to 192kHz/24bit, making it ideal for vocals, singing, and sound reproduction. There are no weird beeps, echoes, or other distracting noises. Provide a better recording experience for you.

Precise Volume Control - Because the recording microphone features a volume knob, you may mute or modify the gain as needed with ease. The built-in LED indicator will inform you of the device's state and verify that its output is up to par. It's great for playing games, listening to music, conversing, playing instruments, and singing.

Easy to Use - The desktop microphone features a solid metal structure design and a stable tripod bracket, so all you have to do is unfold the tripod and attach it to the base of the microphone, then rotate the mic in 0-180 degrees independently from the base to get it in the correct position.