Mini air conditioner stroller cooling fan with flexible tripod blxck norway™

Mini Air Conditioner Stroller Cooling Fan with Flexible Tripod. Check The Details To Know More

Unique Design - The newly designed deformed little jellyfish fan can provide you with a cool feeling at any time and in any place. It may be wound and hanged on the stand, and it can stand on the desktop or be carried in the hand at any moment. Wind speeds can be modified in three different ways: high, medium, and low. Sleeping wind is in the first gear, the natural wind is in the second, and the powerful wind is in the third.

Built-in Lithium Battery - The baby stroller fan is USB powered and employs the most recent version of the motor to ensure long battery life. Computers, laptops, mobile power packs, automobile chargers, and other devices can all be used to charge it. The internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a true capacity of 2000mAh, not a fictitious capacity. It takes 3.5 hours to fully charge, and depending on the wind speed, it can work for 2 to 10 hours.

Safety Fan Design - You don't have to worry about grasping your hands because the turbofan blades and little network ports are hidden. The bladeless fan is powered by a professional brushless motor that can rotate at high speeds and provide more airflow while producing minimal noise. This is a little fan that is suitable for newborns. The babies are safer, and the mothers are more at ease.

Unique Application Scenario - The silicone resin tripod is simple to deform and operate. It can be curved in strollers, umbrellas, workstations, outings, outdoor activities, interiors, offices, and camping, or it can be hung from the car's handle. It is extremely simple and quick to use.