Darning mini loom tool blxck norway™

Darning Mini Loom Tool. Check The Details To Know More

Unique Design - The darning loom is made up of two parts: a metal disc with hooks and a wooden disc, which are joined by a sturdy rubber band, as well as a loom pick tool and needle.

Easy to Use - Simply stretch the cloth over the tool, secure it with rubber bands, set up your warps, and begin weaving. The mini mending loom may make sewing more simple and convenient.

Sewing Helper - The darning micro loom machine is used to fix small holes in clothing and can be used to weave tapestries, mats, rugs, scarves, and other items. It can also be used to mend jeans, socks, and clothing.

Great Gift - Weaving enhances hand-eye coordination and concentration, making it ideal for artistic darning and design planning. Giving the darning equipment as a gift to friends or family would be an excellent choice.