Feel Relax and Comfortable Anytime Anywhere!

Yes, I know, it's HOT there. Now, it’s time to stop suffering from all kinds of heat this summer with our hands-free Neckband Dual Fans. It can cool you down at anytime and anywhere you need it!

Powerful Dual Windhead – Airflow generated from both sides ensures height cooling, allowing you to cover cool down completely.

360° Adjustable Capacity – You can enjoy instant coolness effortlessly by just twisting the flexible arms to any angles you like.

3 Wind Speed Level – The Neckband Dual Fans equipped with adjustable 3-speed settings: Low, Medium, and High. Each model delivers a powerful, steady, quiet air flow with its 5-blade dual plastic fans.

Hands-Free Cooling – Designed to be worn around the neck so your hands remain free. Very lightweight and comfortable when worn to prevent neck soreness.

Long-lasting & Rechargeable – 2000mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery can last for up to 5 hours running time and fully charge for only 2 hours.

Perfect for Any Activities – A perfect companion for personal cooling during any outdoor event such as exercise, sports fest, camping, climbing, fishing, musical festival, etc.