Lint Remover Fuzz Fabric Shaver BLXCK NORWAY™

Remove fuzz & smoothen fur! Easy to restore the fabrics to a fresh new look with Fuzz Shaver Lint Remover!

Our incredible Fuzz Shaver Lint Remover is a comprehensive solution that will help you remove lint, pet fur, pilling, fuzz, and fluff from your garments, furniture, and many other surfaces, while also smoothing the fur with ease. Save your old garments! Give your old materials a new lease of life by giving them a short shave. This will keep them clean, supple, and looking new.

The Fuzz Shaves Lint Remover Is Designed For The Following Purposes -

✅ Getting rid of pilling and bobbling from your garments

✅ Furniture, couches, and sofas that have been revitalized

✅ Getting rid of sticky pet hair from carpets and car seats

✅ Cleaning jackets, coats, and outerwear of fuzz, fluff, and lint

✅ The fur on the garments is being smoothed out.

Double Function - The Pure Copper Blade has a dual function: it quickly removes hairballs from clothing. The Round Brush Head Can effortlessly smooth fur and hair without damaging clothing.

Easy to Use and Save Time - Removes pet and human hair, crumbs, pills, fluff, bobbles, or lint quickly and effortlessly without hurting the fabric. Sweaters, curtains, couch, carpet, blankets, bedsheets, upholstery, and more may all be cleaned with this multi-purpose cleaner.

Zero Battery Requirement - Unlike battery-operated cloth shavers that fail to deliver strong power on a consistent basis, this Fuzz Shaver Lint Remover delivers reliable and consistent strong power to remove lint balls.

High-Quality and Long-Lasting - The head is made of pure copper, which assures a long service life. There's no limit to how many times your Lint Remover can be used.

Package Includes - 1 x Fuzz Shaver Lint Remover