MINI Rice Cooker Electric Lunchbox Warmer BLXCK NORWAY™

Got Late at Work?? Food Was Cold?? Use This Electric Lunchbox Warmer & Eat Tasty Food

Design - The pattern is made up of two layers. Can be used to hold food or soup. A stainless steel bowl and plate help to keep your soup and dishes separate so that they don't combine and produce an off-putting flavor, allowing you to enjoy authentic cuisine. The plug port's waterproof construction allows it to stay in touch with water without heating, and it has anti-dry-burning and automatic power-off protection functions, making it safe and reliable.

Safe Material - The exquisite and lovely shell is constructed of food-grade PP, which is non-toxic and environmentally beneficial. Food-grade stainless steel is used for the inside bowl and plate. It is wear-resistant and long-lasting, does not rust, and is temperature resistant. There's no need to be concerned about dangerous compounds being produced by contact between the meal and the dish.

Our lunch box is designed to be portable, making it ideal for people who commute to work or school. You may heat your meal at school, the office, or while traveling. The size is reasonable, so it won't add to your walking burden; it can store enough food for one person to eat; it's convenient and practical, but not for use in a car.

Easy to Clean - The stainless steel bowl and plate prevent oil from accumulating on the container; simply rinse with water, dry the stainless steel container, and use it again.