Mirror HUD head-up display RPM Speed Projector Car

Mirror Car Display RPM Speed Projector Which Helps to See Speed of The Car

Short Head-Up Display - It shows speed, RPM, water temperature, voltage, single miles, and other driving statistics on the front windshield. The use of a head-up display (HUD) eliminates the risk of drivers looking down at the dashboard. It ensures driver safety by monitoring data on the car's front window glass, and it assists drivers in maintaining the best possible state while on the road. You can choose from a range of operational interface modes and colors, which will provide you with more enjoyment and technological understanding.

Compatible Attention - OBDll is only compatible with automobiles manufactured after 2008. SUITABLE FOR ALL VEHICLES GPS MODEL Change-free dual system Because the OBDll mode is incompatible with hybrid electric vehicles, diesel cars, pickup trucks, RVs, and computer-modified cars, the GPS mode is advised. NOTE: In OBD2 mode, the data displayed is the vehicle's engine data. When the vehicle's engine is turned off, OBD2 mode just shows the battery and voltage.

Simple Display - Vehicle Speed Engine RPM, HD Display, practical function, allows you to drive for longer periods of time in comfort. (plug it in and go — 95 percent of cars with an OBD2/GPS interface are eligible.) The Nano - Technology - High Clarity projector eliminates undesirable reflections and improves the sharpness of the shown information. The HUD may be controlled more easily using the automatic and manual brightness adjustment modes.

Engine RPM - Multiple functions - Ambient decorative lights Alarm for a fault code Fatigue is causing the alarm to go off. The Alarm symbol Light sensor: The brightness of the HUD can be adjusted automatically based on the environment. KM/H and MPH are the speed units. Speed, water temperature, battery voltage, and driving distance are all displayed in the multi-function zone. Icons for water temperature and voltage.