Anti UV safety goggles bike motorcycle glasses blacknorway™

Wearing sunglasses while riding a motorbike or cycle is essential to ensure your eyes' safety. As an effective solution, we have come up with this safety goggles that will provide protection to your eyes.

It is made of a high-quality TPU frame and is bendable. You can easily fold; carry these glasses while going out for travelling, cycling, riding, work, etc. It has an arc design that provides a broader and clear vision.

These goggles are scratch-resistant, fog resistant, etc. It protects your eyes from the harmful UV rays and helps to lock all the wind, dust, dirt, etc. It is very light in weight and will not give a burden on your eyes.


It provides a perfect fit as it has adjustable straps. You can easily adjust the fitting without any worries. Its nonstick and high-quality elastic avoid the straps from rolling down. It is ideal for women teenagers, adults, men, etc.