B4FM motorcycle bluetooth headset blxck norway™

B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset. Check The Details To Know More


10-Way Conference Intercom & Universal Pairing - The LX-B4FM motorcycle Bluetooth headset lets you share the ride and chat with up to ten other riders at once across a 2000-meter intercom range. The characteristic of universal pairing makes it compatible with the majority of Bluetooth headsets and earpieces on the market.

Music Sharing & Noise Cancellation - The music sharing feature on this helmet Bluetooth headset allows two riders to listen to the same song at the same time while riding. With DSP& CVC's sophisticated noise cancellation technology, it also works well at speeds up to 120 km/h.

Hands-free Speaker & Hi-Fi Stereo Sound Quality - The LX-B4FM motorcycle helmet Bluetooth allows you to communicate without taking your hands off the wheel. It also had Bluetooth 5.0, which gave you access to Siri and S Voice commands, as well as the ability to make or receive hands-free calls, listen to the greatest Hi-Fi stereo music, FM radio, or GPS voice assistance.

Exchangeable Microphone & Great Helmet Compatibility - The LX-B4FM motorcycle intercom comes with two interchangeable microphones: a boom microphone for open face or flip-face (convertible) helmets, and a button microphone for full-face helmets.

Long Battery Life & IP67 Waterproof Design - The LX-B4FM helmet communication systems include IP67 waterproof technology that can withstand all weather conditions, including temperatures as low as -15°F. With an 800 mAh battery, you can listen to music or converse on the phone for up to 15 hours, with almost a week of standby time.