Multi-purpose Garlic Press Cube

Dicing Garlic Is Fun & Easy with This Cube

High-Quality Materials - Since the garlic press is made of stainless steel, the blade won't rust, bend or break at the joint even after frequent use, these cooking gadgets will last as long as you need them.

Easy To Operate - With the heavy-duty construction and ergonomic design, you can easily mince both unpeeled garlic cloves and peeled root ginger. Easy to operate and can minced ingredients into tiny, perfect cubes with just a few squeezes.

Easy Clean - It is easy to clean, rinse it under your faucets, garlic not stay inside, it can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Cleaning is very easy, less time! If there is really a little residue, you can use our small brush Clean up

Multi-Purpose - Garlic Press Cube Presser Grater Chopper Slicer Mincer Kitchen Tools Minces into tiny, perfect cubes with a few squeezes. Although it may look small, our mini garlic press is rather impressive for its size and is guaranteed to save you a lot of time and effort from chopping your garlic