Multifunctional push ups training board with timing plank

Our multifunctional push ups training board with timing plank is composed of premium ABS+sponge material, is portable and simple to transport, safe to use, strong and long-lasting, and appropriate for frequent usage. It can fulfil the sporting demands of various groups. It offers a safer training platform, more comfortable support for your arms, and an increased "incline" when performing plank exercises.
A high-definition screen that can detect timed data, adjustable width to accommodate the diverse workout demands of different groups of people, a stable triangle construction, and ergonomic design all contribute to the trainer's ergonomic design. Triangle design, positive timing, and countdown design are all possible using angular mechanics.
The product is made with a non-slip grip that is pleasant and elastic for a safe and non-slip grip; a thickening elbow pad that is non-slip and sweat-absorbent for a more comfortable elbow; is tiny and space-saving, takes up no room; and an adjustable centre angle. You receive individualised support by having less stress on your joints thanks to the soft grips for simple grasp, pleasant training, unique design, and contoured padding.
You may use a range of workout techniques, such as plank support, support side knee rises, push-ups, etc., to strengthen your arm, leg, and body coordination while also contributing to fat loss. Maintain a full range of motion in your abdominal muscles while you prevent your back from arching. Exercise is more beneficial when the entire body is moving. A button battery is used in the counting mechanism.
To properly work your core muscles, you may utilise this trainer to execute a range of exercises including push-ups, side planks, one-leg balances, and more. It is appropriate for adults, teenagers, or people who enjoy exercise and other activities. You can set aside a reasonable amount of time for exercise, keep track of it in real-time, and manage that time yourself. It successfully engages your abdominal muscles.
  • ✔️High-quality material
  • ✔️Ergonomic design
  • ✔️Multiple exercises
  • ✔️Wide applicable
  • ✔️Preferred material
  • ✔️Safe and secure
  • ✔️Comfort grip
  • ✔️Adjustable angle
  • ✔️Material: abs, sponge
  • ✔️Non-slip sweat absorption
  • ✔️Soft and comfortable
  • ✔️Product size: about 52*32*15cm
  • ✔️Weight: about 1.43lbs