Multipurpose collapsible car trunk storage organizer BLXCK NORWAY™

Our multipurpose collapsible car trunk storage organizer with removable for automobiles, shopping, camping, road trips, picnics, and other activities. Detachable top boot organiser keeps your devices clean and dry, is great for use as a golf trunk organiser, robust handles for easy lifting, hauling and dragging out of the car. The trunk Organizer may be removed for travel. Keep touching comfy and trendy when lifting.
This multipurpose container organiser fits universal automobile SUV trunks, backseats, or bigger luggage areas; the item comes with a cover and plastic handle on it, so you can take food or anything else in it to the beach or park, for example, and keep your car and food clean and fresh. Can be used as a chair outside for children; Can be used as a house organiser or for children's toys. Bring additional convenience to you whenever and wherever you need it.
You will no longer have to clean up a spill. The Velcro closures on the lid further secure the stuff. An item constructed of high PU leather; saves time cleaning. You may just wipe it with a cloth. Waterproof, strong, and long-lasting, it will serve you well for many years. Better than any other canvas organiser. Prevent goods from rolling about, saving you the trouble of mopping up a spill.
Detachable top design boot organiser keeps your devices clean and dry, great for use as a golf box organiser. Organizer in big size with a basic style and a great capacity. Perfect for organising cleaning supplies, picnic supplies, beach supplies, camping gear, sports equipment, groceries, or emergency supplies, among other things. The vehicle trunk storage organiser will be easy to clean; simply wipe it off with a damp dishcloth if it becomes filthy or wet.
Because of its detachable construction, this SUV Trunk Storage, Container is simple to install and totally foldable to a compact size when not in use. The form of the handle makes it easier to carry. Durable leather edging. When not in use, the storage box may be folded and has a modest footprint, allowing it to satisfy a variety of demands. Its sophisticated appearance makes it an ideal gift for family and friends.
  • Install in seconds
  • Multifunctional
  • Large capacity
  • Dustproof
  • Lid designs
  • Prevent items from rolling around
  • Detachable friendly use
  • Vehicle trunk organizer
  • Easy to use
  • Size: 55*30*30cm
  • Material: PU leather