Upgraded Waterproof Camping Nylon Backpacking Tent With Free Mat BLXCK NORWAY™

Going camping can be really fun and exciting. It gives you a completely new environment and experience to explore new things. If you are amongst the one who loves traveling and camping, then it is a must to have a great quality tent with yourself. And if you are searching for such tents, then this Upgraded Waterproof Camping Nylon Backpacking Tent With Free Mat is the perfect option for you.

This tent is very light in weight and portable. It weighs around 1.8 KG and can be easily folded. It is a quite spacious tent and is very compact in design. You can easily carry it with you while traveling as it does not take much space. You can have a relaxing backpack journey with this portable tent. It is made from 4000 MM waterproof material and also gives you protection from harmful rays of the sun. The poles that come with this tent are made from aluminum alloy and it is highly durable to give a long-lasting performance. There is also an extra groundsheet which you can use with this tent. This is a perfect tent that you can carry with you while going on hiking, mountaineering, tracking, camping, etc.

This tent is made from 20D nylon coated silicon material and it is very durable and waterproof. It also has great heat insulation. In this upgraded model, there are two wind rope fixing points that are added for easy set-up. Besides, there is also high-strength double-end hooks that can be used if the climate is harsher. It also forestalls the collection of water and snow. The design of this tank is quite ergonomic and has one door and two weather-protected entrances.
It is a perfect tent which can withstand all kinds of seasons. The internal and exterior tents separately can easily increase the ventilation and will also help in lessening the condensation. You can also use the groundsheet and external tent as a sun guard. This tent can easily accommodate three people and its freestanding inner tent can also be used as a mosquito net. This is a perfect gift option for your family, friends, etc on the occasion of birthday, Christmas day, thanksgiving, etc.