S-type Slow rebound cervical traction Orthopedic Pillow for Neck Pain BLXCK NORWAY™

S-type Slow rebound cervical traction Orthopedic Pillow for Neck Pain. Check The Details to Know More

Material - Imported from Germany, polyurethane substance with a soft surface, high elasticity, and toughness. Like a yoga ball, the outside is soft while the inside is firm, providing elastic support. There is no formaldehyde and the environment is protected. This item is washable, easy to clean, has an elastic texture, is waterproof, and grease resistant.

Efficacy - Cervical traction pillow, ergonomics Every day, ten minutes of neck traction, and stretching can help maintain a healthy cervical curvature. It can help to progressively heal cervical spine problems caused by long periods of time spent on mobile phones and poor sitting posture at work and school.
We have two ways to use it for different degrees of cervical spine problems: one is the regular height S shape, and the other is the higher strength Z shape.

Design Concept - Increase the fit area of the occipital area and relieve strain on the neck as a whole, so that the previously wounded cervical vertebrae are not individually pressured and degraded. Muscles, ligaments, and the nerve plexus should all be relieved of pressure. Physical elastic traction in the shape of an S reduces pressure in a scientific way. The horizontal and vertical hyperboloids correspond to the human neck's curve.