Cervical Support Neck Corrector

Want to Correct Your Neck. Use This Corrector

Adjustable Inflation, Adapt to Your Needs - Effortless pumping with 3 layers - Inflate the neck cushion pillow to the pressure you need. This neck stretcher traction will improve natural cervical shape. Suitable for herniated disks, neck bulging, cervical neck spasms, or pinched nerves. The metal valve ensures no air leaks, for constant support and stability.

Highly Effective Pain Relief - Relieve neck tension by using this cervical neck traction pillow to stretch out your vertebrae and relieve pressure. The dual action of the orthopedic pillow for neck and shoulder pain will relax the muscles while improving spinal posture.

Soft Skin-Friendly Premium Velvet - Soft premium velvet feels luxurious against your skin, and will not cause irritation or itching. Additionally, the soft straps are designed for use by both men and women of all body types. The innovative neck stretcher also has a detachable hand pump for freedom of movement.

Bonus Travel Accessories Included - This neck cushion support includes a storage bag and carabiner clip for travel. PLUS a stress ball that can be used while wearing the neck traction device or by itself. Incredible relief for those who sit in front of the computer for long stints. Get relief while working, gaming, or even watching movies on the plane.