11 areas Electric Heated Jacket BLXCK NORWAY™

Do you want to get rid of the several layers of warm clothes that you put on during the winters? If yes, then it is the best option to get yourself a heated vest jacket that is absolutely budget-friendly and will keep you warm. We have come up with this amazing 11 areas Electric Heated Jacket that will help me to stay warm during this winter.

This is a new improvised vest that acts as a personal radiator to keep you warm all the time. It also helps to promote blood circulation that will increase the flow of oxygenand other essential nutrients to your muscles. It also helps to relieve your body pain and also improves your overall health.

This vest comes with eight heating zones and includes heat elements of carbon nano fibres. This new technology helps to heat up the jacket quickly. It is very light in weight and is completely safe to use without any worries. It provides a great amount of heat to your acupuncture points which include your back, stomach area, shoulder, etc.

It comes with a three Switch design. That will help you to control the temperature of your shoulder, waist and stomach area separately. It has three heating modes – high, medium and low. You can easily control the heat as per your requirement. This jacket is super comfortable to wear and will provide great warmthin the chilled weather. It is highly durable for long-term use and power efficient.

It comes with a thermal protection module for your safety. If it gets overheated, then this jacket will stop functioning until it reaches the normal temperature. It works with a normal power bank and it’s very convenient to use. Make sure to choose the right size to get a great fit. You can also refer to the size chart below.