Rechargeable USB Heated Scarf BLXCK NORWAY™

Do you live in a country where the temperature is low? Or do you love going to an adventure such as mountain climbing or hiking? If yes, then it is very essential for you to protect yourself from the strong coldto avoid freezing in the neck. One of the most perfect solutions to prevent cold is to use heating scarves. If you are in search of one, then this Rechargeable USB Heated Scarf is the perfect option for you.
This heated scarf comes with three different temperatures setting. It has a touch button that you can use to change the settings of the temperature. The three different temperatures are 35°C, 45°C, 55°C and you can easily adjust the temperature as per your requirement. This scarf is extremely warm and easy to wrap around your neck and shoulder. You can easily connect this scarf to a mobile power source using a USB cable.
 It provides maximum comfort and warmthto your neck. It also helps to relieve muscle pain, stress or tension, etc. It is one of the most efficient scarves that you can use to avoid cold and extremely low temperatures. This scarf is completely waterproof and super easy to clean. You can wash this repeatedly with the water. There is no risk of any electric shocks or you do not need to disassemble the scarfs for cleaning. It is very convenient to use.
It also consists of a hidden zip pocket on the inner side of this scarf so that you can keep a mini power supply that can heat up the scarf. It is made up of carbon fibre and has a built-in heating pad that makes sure that it is heated in less than three seconds. The design of this scarf is very elegant and stylish to give you a fashionable look. This is also a perfect gift option for your family, friends, etc on the occasion of their birthday, anniversary, Christmas Day, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, etc.