Men's cycling pants blacknorway™

This Men's Cycling Pants is made from polyester fabric and has long-lasting durability. It is very soft and stretchable to give you a great fit. It provides great protection and helps to prevent fatigue caused by long-distance riding.
It is super comfortable to wear during the winter or spring. It comes with a thermal fleece lining that will keep you warm and cozy. It provides excellent support to your muscles and also promotes blood circulation.

This pant has a breathable fabric that will allow air ventilation and will absorb all the sweat to keep you cool and dry. These are 19D padded pants that do not restrict movement and also help to relieve hip pain.
It comes with silicone bands on the hem that avoids the gliding of the cloth. It has three hidden pockets so that you can keep all the essential stuff such as keys, mobile, cards, etc. It also has a reflective strap on the backside that provides great visibility and safety during the dark.