Multi-functional Filter Spoon Food Scooping Strainer

No More Oil Spill On Hands. Use This Filter Spoon To Filter Oil Foods

 Useful & Convenient - Excellent for maintaining your weight and health. A fantastic cooking utensil. The mesh is fine enough to filter out small particles of floating fat, oil residue, soup foam, and scum. Excellent for stews, hot pots, blanching vegetables, frying food, and cooking noodles, among other things.

Nice Gifts - Wonderful presents for your loved ones. The kitchen is unquestionably a fantastic choice for the home!

Safe to Use - The long stainless steel handle allows you to handle the tool without getting too close to the heat, preventing burns. Dishwasher safe and simple to maintain. A handy hanging hole allows for space-saving storage.

Nice Material - The handle is made of 201 stainless steel and the body is made of 304 stainless steel. It's tough, won't break or warp easily, and it's safe to eat, even when used in hot soup or frying. High-temperature resistant, anti-rust, long-lasting, and simple to clean and store.