Dog bath brush pro - sprayer and scrubber tool blxcknorway™

Dog Bath Brush Pro - Sprayer and Scrubber Tool. Check The Details To Know More


Bathing Your Pet in a Better Way - With this clever pet shower attachment, you can save time, money, and water when washing your animal pets at home. The Aquapaw Pro is simple to set up and use, making it an excellent present for dogs and other pets.

Eliminates Mess & Stress - This all-in-one tool is the ideal Valentine's gift for your pet because it allows you to brush and rinse your pet at the same time, allowing you to bathe your pet faster and without the need for bucket rinsing. The two-stage button mechanism allows you to switch settings with one hand while keeping the other free to calm your pet.

Indoor/Outdoor Use - Includes adapters to suit a shower spigot or a garden hose, allowing you to simply construct a small animal grooming station in your tub or a huge animal shower outside. 

Two Pressure Settings - Thanks to the one-hand button system, the spray pressure may be simply adjusted. For the cheeks, ears, and other sensitive regions, use the LOW setting. Scrubbing places where your pet's coat is thicker is best done on the HIGH setting.

High-quality Materials & Great Gift - The scrubber tool is made of FDA-grade silicone, which is strong enough to scrub thick fur while remaining gentle on your pet's delicate areas.