Dog Cat Bowl Feeder

Do Your Pet Not Taking Food Properly? Try This Bowl Feeder.

Neck Guard Bowl - The 15-degree tilt style protects the cervical spine and permits to eat additional well. you'll be able to opt for the lean angle appropriate for the by rotating the bowl.

Anti-slip Bowl Elevated Stand - There area unit four anti-skid pads on the all-time low of the bowl elevated stand to forestall tipping and build it additional stable.

Automatic facility Bowl - Siphon principle, automatic facility and maintain a stable water level, 17oz, large-capacity bottle, will meet the beverage wants for 2-3 days, even once not reception, you'll be able to let pet drink clean water. Moreover, the pet food and water bowl sets are detachable, straightforward to wash.

Bowl Material Safety - The bowl is created of food-grade postscript material, that is safe and non-toxic.