Leg footrest air pillow pad for travel office home BLXCK NORWAY™

Going on a long journey or travelling is quite exciting but at the same, can be a bit tiresome for our body due to the restricted space available. If you are amongst the one who gets frequent leg strains, then it is very essential to look after them. As a solution, we have come up with this amazing leg footrest air pillow pad for a travel office home that will give great support to your legs and will reduce the strain and fatigue of your leg significantly. It is very soft in texture and provides you with great comfort.
It is perfect to have this pillow pad for long journeys on the train, flight, car, etc. It helps your legs to have relaxation and is super comfortable to use. You can conveniently use this pillow in the home, office, camping or while travelling. It can be a great companion to you due to its highly effective results. Using this pillow has a lot of benefits as it can improve your blood circulation, and lesson distension by raising the legs, and will also relieve the back pain. It is a perfect option to fill the gap in the plane or train which will increase the rest space.
The design of this pillow is quite unique and ergonomic. It comes with valves where big valves are used for fast inflating and deflating, and a small valve is used for slight inflating and preventing air leakage. It is made up of soft PVC flocking material of premium quality and is highly durable. It is made up of skin-friendly material and is completely safe to use for your skin as it does not contain any kind of toxic substance. You can also adjust the height of this pillow as per your requirement and comfort.
This leg pillow is super easy to clean and can be washed. It is very light in weight and is very convenient to carry as it is of very small size when deflated. You can inflate the pillow easily with few breaths while releasing it with one press button. You can carry this pillow when it is deflated as it will take minimum space on your luggage, You can also give this pillow as a gift to your friends, colleagues, parents and elders on the occasion of Christmas day, thanksgiving, birthday, etc.