Portable pet dog car seat blxcknorway™

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Portable Pet Dog Car Seat. Check The Details To Know More

Our dog car Booster seat is a high-end pet car seat with high-quality seat belts that provides excellent protection for your dogs/cats. It can be placed on the front or back armrest to improve your relationship with your pet.

Durable - Our dog car booster is composed of durable material that is solid in shape and firm, making it difficult to deform no matter how the dog moves. Your small pets (dogs and cats) are welcome to accompany us; pets can gaze out the window and into the distance, and keeping on the console seat will keep them quiet and content.

Washable and Detachable - Our dog car booster features a zipper design that allows it to be totally disassembled by opening the zipper. It is also removable, washable, and simple to clean. You can unfold the seat, squeeze it suitably, and squeeze out the form you desire (length * width can float within a set range) after you receive it.

Pet Smart - Our dog car booster can hold tightly in the armrest of your car, and the Clip-On Hook prevents your pet from shaking off our Falling out. Pets weighing less than 12 pounds are advised to use this product. Only for little pets; overweight and huge pets are not acceptable (Below 8 lbs. is the most suitable). The maximum length of a pet should not exceed 13.4 inches, and the maximum width should not exceed 6.3 inches.

Suitable For Most Vehicles - Please keep in mind that the spacing between the two chairs should be at least 7.5 inches (most cars can achieve it). You may touch or monitor your pet at any moment with our pet car seat, and you can also feed him by sitting on the copilot. Most cars, trucks, automobiles, and SUVs are eligible.

Portable pet dog car seat blxcknorway™

Portable pet dog car seat blxcknorway™