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A smart neck massager can massage well with low-frequency electric pulses as if every muscle is stretching. Fundamentally relaxed in deep, also can relieve soreness and make the spirit better.  

It heats up in seconds to mimic warm human hands to help relieve neck soreness, shoulder discomfort, and tension all around.

The intelligent smart neck massager built-in heating function and 107.6°F constant temperature and warm compress technique, as comfortable as a hot towel. It has an interior sensor and programs, which can control the temperature precisely and avoid excessive heat, and the independent button is preserved so you can switch the heat function on and off separately. if you still can’t stand this function, just turn it off!

Portable design, We've made it cordless, worry no more about wires, it's much convenient without wire connection between controller and massager. In order to bring a comfortable massage experience, it has to be light enough, This massager is only 0.36lb weight, lighter than most smartphones, now you can use it at any time and anywhere. The battery has a large capacity, which makes it able to work 10 days after fully charged and works for 15 minutes per day.


This neck massager gives out mild and gentle pulsating vibrations through the contact sheets, It's normal if you have a feeling of slightly electric shock when using. If you have metal IMPLANTS or PACEMAKERS, we DON'T recommend you to have this massager cause it may disrupt the operation of the metal implants. Please read the manual carefully before use. Feel free to contact us if you have any related questions. We will respond ASAP in 24H
Press the button for 3 seconds to start. Press the "heat" button to turn on/off heat mode. Press the"mode" button to switch mode between massage, knead, and acupuncture, choose your favorite massage mode from them. Press The "+" or "-" to adjust the massager strength level. The neck massager has a 15-minute auto-off function to ensure you a safe massage experience. The best gift for your mom or anyone you loved.