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Safety Child Bicycle Seat Bike Front Baby Seat Kids Saddle. Check The Details To Know More

Riding With Your Youngster - The front seat of the bicycle lets you keep an eye on both the road and your child. Better perspective and more enjoyable riding for the child due to the front-mounted design. A good position so the child can fully investigate the surroundings should be provided.

The lightweight child bike seat can support up to 110 pounds and is appropriate for children between the ages of 1 and 4. Applicable to electric bikes, folding bikes, road bikes, city shared bikes, mountain bikes, and more. For installation, there must be more than 12.6 inches between the handlebars and the seat.

Adjustable Design - The mounting rail's front end can be angled and installed differently depending on the handlebars and front beams of various bicycles. This design is suitable for the great majority of bicycles with rods with a calibre between 1.2in and 1.5in. The seat's height can be changed to accommodate children of various ages. The baby can enter and exit the car seat simply opening the kid seat's gate.

Safe & Simple To Install - The bike child seat is made of metal and ABS plastic, which makes it more durable and comfortable to use. The use of seat belts, additional layers of safety and security, and guardrail designs can all help to protect the safety of children. No further tools are required to install or remove this front-mounted bike seat.

Comfy - An appealing and creative design, Comfort, Safety; Upgrade the sponge base and backrest to make it thicker and more comfortable for the youngster to sit on. The pedal design keeps kids relaxed and free while they ride and provides a safety rest for your kids.