Auto Display Smart Car HUD Digital Odometer Security Alarm

Car HUD Digital Odometer. Check the Details To Know More

The latest 2 in 1 OBD2 & GPS System - The car head-up display features dual OBD2 and GPS systems that can display GPS functionalities in OBD mode at the same time. To read and remove codes, an OBD scanner can properly diagnose problems and traditional faults.

Mode Information Display - RPM, speed, coolant temperature, oil temperature, fuel consumption, fuel level, voltage, ambient temperature, single miles, total cumulative mileage, travel time, clock, turbo boost pressure, oil pressure are all displayed on the OBD2 Mode Information Display.

Safe Driving - This car's HUD display shows speed, RPM, water temperature, voltage, fuel consumption, mileage, and driving time, among other things. You can always see the road with the OBD2 GPS head-up display without having to look at the dashboard.

Design of Adjustable Bracket - The adjustable bracket can be placed in two different ways. Put it on the dashboard or stick it to the windshield; it's entirely up to you.

High Quality & Modern Design - Design of new tooling— When three dashboards are combined, the driver can see the data at all times. Different display interfaces are available; you can use whichever one you like.