Animal Resin Mouse Table Lamp BLXCK NORWAY™

Having a lamp in your bedroom or living room can surely make it look more exquisite and classy. It is not easy to choose a lamp from many designs that will complement your house's interiors and furniture. If you are looking for something creative and completely unique, this Animal Resin Mouse Table Lamp is your right choice. It is one of the most aesthetic tables lights that you can have for your bedside table.
This lamp is made up of high-quality resin material and is highly durable. It is absolutely non-toxic and safe for everyone. It has very lightweight and can be placed nicely on all kinds of tables to give light. It does not take much space and is very easy to maintain. This is a perfect light lamp for your bedroom, living room, baby room, office. If you have children in your house, then they are surely going to
love this lamplight.
This is a very convenient lamp and it is super easy to use. All you need to do is plug in the cable and switch on the light. You can also control the light and can use it as a desk lamp. It has a switch on/off button that makes it pretty hassle-free to turn off the light without getting up from your bed and disturbing your sleep. If you love reading a book at night, then this lamp will give you enough light so that you can read easily without disturbing other’s sleep.
It has a very creative design of a mouse in three different postures to choose from- Standing, sleeping, and sitting posture. It looks extremely stylish is quite eye-catching. It has an E12 base which you can use for E12 bulbs. You can also give it a gift to your loved ones on Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries, Thanksgiving, etc. to bring a wide smile to their face.