Lock Wider Contour Gauge Profile Tool BLXCK NORWAY™

There are so many efficient tools that can make your workload much easier and one such tool is a contour gauge shape duplicator that helps you to create any duplicate shape in no time. If you are looking for this tool, then this Lock Wider Contour Gauge Profile Tool is the perfect option why are you. It is super convenient and hassle-free to make your work easier.


This tool is upgraded with a metal locking mechanism and is highly durable when compared to other cheap quality plastic Lock. This mechanism is perfect for long-term use. You can now maintain the original shape without doing any transformation and still duplicate and transferred the shape. This tool is super easy to use no matter whether you are a beginner or a professional.

You can adjust the tightness of these plastic pins conveniently without any trouble and as per your requirement. This tool is made from superior quality aluminium core and ABS plastic pins. It will give you a long time performance and it will not make any scratches to the original shape that is being duplicated. It comes with a 45-degree pin and is designed to provide you with an accurate measurement every time.
To use this tool, all you need to do is copy, lock and trace it. Press the tool on any shape, then dress and trim the outline and cut into a ship. It is a great tool to complete any of your DIY projects. It also helps to create templates for uniquely shaped designs. There are various other uses of this tool for different projects such as ceramics measurements, flooring, and home renovation, etc. This is a perfect gift option for your family, friends,  who do such projects etc on the occasion of birthday, anniversary, Christmas day, thanksgiving, etc.