Wall Mounted Keylock Box BLXCK NORWAY™

Are you looking for a high-security lockbox that can be mounted on the wall and will keep your keys safe? If yes, then this Wall Mounted Keylock Box is the right choice. It protects your keys and has a great security feature. It has a dimension of 11,8cm x 8,5cm x 4 and an inner dimension of 9,1cm x 6,4cm x 3.2cm which is more than enough to store a bundle of keys. This is a much safer alternative than hiding your keys under the carpet or other weird places where anyone can have access to it.
It can be locked using a password and you can reset it anytime you want without any hassle. You can now keep your keys safe and give access to people you want without getting them locked out. You can set up a personalized  4 digit combination passcode as it provides great convenience and offers around 10,000 different password combinations. If you are a frequent traveller, then this is the ideal option to give access to the elders. This is an amazing piece of equipment and is perfect for indoor or outdoor use.
It is made from superior quality aluminium and zinc alloy cast body which makes it highly durable. This is a heavy-duty locking mechanism that offers great resistance against any kind of hammering, sawing etc. This is also a rust resistance lockbox that has a slide cover that acts as a shield against all kinds of harsh weather while giving a long-lasting performance. It consists of a large space that can accommodate 5 to 6 keys very conveniently along with some small valuable items such as USB, car keys, etc.
This Wall Mounted Keylock Box is super easy to use and install without any extra effort. It comes with a mounting kit that gives you clear instructions that are hassle-free to follow. This gives you great security and assurance for the safety of your house and you can control who can have the access to the passcode. To set a password, all you need to do is dial the default 0000 code to open the box and then press the reset button downwards. After scrolling the numbers to your personalized code, move the reset button upward and you are good to go.