Original iron ball magnetic men's watches

Are you sick of looking at the same old boring watch designs? Worse, every watch functions the same way. We want to upend the whole business by designing stunning timepieces that turn heads everywhere you go. Our original iron ball magnetic men's watch audacious design enables users to tell time through touch and sight. A timepiece that looks and functions uniquely.
On separate recessed tracks, two magnetised ball bearings travel around the watch face. The watch is made even more unusual by the use of ebony and steel. Because of the magnetic watch's unique internal construction, the hands have been developed with an internal minute hand and an exterior hour hand for constant performance and lifespan. After using the watch for a while, many consumers report that they have become accustomed to it.
Do you realise how much fun it would be? Use this magnetic movement watch to stand out from the crowd, to be unusual and unique. You're not getting it? When you meet a buddy and he asks, "What time is it? When you show your watch, it won't comprehend how you obtained it. One track is displayed on the watch's an outside edge for the hour hand, while another is shown on the inner edge for the minute hand.
What is the worst part of using boring and common clocks? That they are consistently the same. As a result, whether you buy a Rolex, Fossil, or Patek Philippe, the mechanism is the same, and what separates a brand are its costs and designs, not to mention the colours: white, black, blue, or brown, or that colour that reminds you of someone who drinks a lot of coffee.
The watch is powered by a 371-button cell battery that lasts around 2 years. We strongly advise taking it to a watch repair shop and requesting them to change the battery for you. When removing the rear plate, will limit the likelihood of undesirable scratches and scuffs. Each watch has two ball bearings that move around the face of the watch using magnetic technology.
The unique magnetic technology allows you to see and feel time move like never before. One-of-a-kind, elegant, and exquisite. Everything in one! Our watch can resist brief water contact, such as being caught in the rain or washing your hands. It is not suitable for swimming or strenuous activity. On the occasion of their birthday, Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, or any other holiday, etc., this is another excellent gift option that you can give to your friend, wife, sister, or anyone else you care about.
  • ✔️High performance
  • ✔️Unconventional and Original
  • ✔️Safe & Non-Invasive
  • ✔️Attractive appearance
  • ✔️Ergonomic Wand Design
  • ✔️Water resistance
  • ✔️Robust and high quality
  • ✔️Considerate gift for all occasions
  • ✔️Effortless Elegance
  • ✔️Movement: Quartz
  • ✔️Strict quality control
  • ✔️Comfortable to wear
  • ✔️User-friendly design
  • ✔️Comfortable & durable
  • ✔️Strap: 20mm width
  • ✔️Stylish and comfy
  • ✔️Thickness: 10mm
  • ✔️Face: 40mm Diameter