Anti-drowning wristband lifesaving rescue device blacknorway™

It is very important to take safety measures while going to an adventurous place. Especially when you are near water and you don’t know how to swim. We have come up with a great alternative for a life jacket that will prevent you from drowning. This anti-drowning wristband life-saving rescue device is one of the most ideal options to carry with you.
It is a high buoyancy airbag that can bear up to 330lb. It is quite strong and sturdy and will not leak. This safety airbag is made from superior quality material and is highly durable for long term use. It is tested to make sure that it works without any problem. The air outlet is made of pure copper and the wrist band is of high-quality TPU silicon.
It is very convenient and comfortable to use this airbag as it is very light in weight. To use this, all you need to do is pull the rod and the air will get filled into the airbag within a few seconds. It can quickly pull you from drowning and brings you to the surface of the water.
The design of this airbag is very compact and practical. You can easily wear it on your wrist or arms without any worries. This is the ideal option to take with you while going underwater swimming, diving, surfing, etc. You can now enjoy without worrying about the danger.