Sleeping pad inflatable mattress with pillows blacknorway™

Are you a camping lover and looking for a solution to get comfortable sleep while camping? If yes, then this sleeping inflatable mattress is the perfect solution for you.


This mattress has an ergonomic and arc-shaped design to release cervical pressure and provide uniform support. It protects your spine and allows your shoulder and neck to relax.

This mattress is made of nylon TPU fabric that is completely waterproof and wear-resistant. It is super easy to useanywhere without any hassle.

You can easily carry this mattress while traveling as it can be folded. It also has a pillow attached that is completely moisture-proof. It is light in weight and super comfortable to sleep while traveling, camping, hiking, etc.


You can use this inflatable mattress anywhere such as car, at home, ground, etc. You can easily inflate and displayed this mattress quickly without any worries. Get yours now for a comfortable sleep while enjoying the trip.