Pet dog grooming hammock harness for cats & dogs blxck norway™

Pet Dog Grooming Hammock Harness for Cats & Dogs. Check The Details To Know More

Sturdy & Durable - This dog hammock helper is made of mesh textile material, and the sling is knitted with a specific procedure rather than a rope ring design, so it won't rip or fall off.

Convenient - When you have this dog grooming sling hammock at home, it is easier for you to provide medicine to your pets, clean their teeth and ears, and utilize eye drops. You do not need to be concerned about being bitten. In addition, a grooming hammock is a useful tool for veterinarians.

Comfortable -  To keep your pet comfortable, this pet grooming harness bag is created with a breathable and flexible 3D mesh structure. The thicker hemming around the perforations decreases friction on your pet's legs, allowing you to groom them more easily. Furthermore, this product is simple to clean, both by hand and by machine.

Size - This pet grooming hammock Harness is appropriate for pets weighing 10 pounds to 65 pounds, with a front and back leg distance of 5.91in-14.17in.