Pet cat litter mat waterproof EVA double layer blxcknorway™

Pet Cat Litter Mat Waterproof EVA Double Layer. Check The Details To Know More

Large and Special Cat Litter Box Rug - The honeycomb pattern holes are large and deep enough to properly catch and trap litter granules. The medium size (24" x 15") double-layer kitty trapper mats can capture big volumes of cat litter so you can easily deposit it back into the litter box.

Advanced Eco-Friendly Materials Provide Paw Protection - Our premium comfort trapping mat is constructed of an extremely soft, light, durable, and non-toxic EVA material that is kind on sensitive cat paws. Cats will even step on it or nap on it in the day. As a result, it might also be used as a cat bed.

Time-Saving Cleaning Techniques - To pour the litter back into the box, open the EZ Open Edge cat litter box mat like an envelope. You might also clean it under the sink or showerhead. A vacuum cleaner is also a viable choice.

Waterproof & Washable - The waterproof bottom layer prevents any liquid, such as urine, from penetrating. With a slip-resistant base, moving will be difficult. Protect your carpets and hardwood floors from pee stains. Make sure the cat's urine doesn't get all over the place.

Durability - This cat litter pad is composed of high-quality material that is both wear-resistant and long-lasting.