2-Way Pet Hair Remover Roller BLXCK NORWAY™

Every pet owner loves to pamper their pets with different kinds of stuff. However, that one thing which can be quite annoying is their hair all over the clothes, sofas, carpet, blankets, etc. But now, with this 2-Way Pet Hair Remover Roller, it is possible to get rid of all pet hair in a few seconds.
This is the most ideal equipment to remove furs of your cat, dogs, etc. from your clothes and carpets every day without spending long hours. You can get a clean house and clothes daily with this 2-Way Pet Hair Remover Roller.
 It is made of high-quality nylon bristle and ABS plastic that lasts for a longer period. To clean this tool, all you need to do is throw the hair in a dustbin and you will be all set to use it again the next day. You can also clean this with water or soap.
This lint roller works in both the direction and it does not require any kind of batteries or charging. This is one of the most compact and convenient tools for cleaning. You just have to roll the lint roller in front and back movement over the area and you are ready. You can also gift this to your friends and family who are struggling and frustrated with their pet’s hair.