Pet Heating Pad

Our pet heating pad is not only ideal for keeping newborn pets warm, but it is also ideal for senior dogs. Ideal for old, arthritic, newborn, or pregnant dogs, as well as animals recovering from sickness or injury. Assist pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, and small animals) in being healthy and comfortable. The 45x45cm pet pad for cats is more suited for keeping cats warm.
Heating for 10 minutes makes our pets warm enough to cuddle in the chilly weather. Overheating is not an issue with pet heating pads. Temperature control with power outage prevention keeps your pet from overheating. During usage, keep the heating pad flat (do not fold it). When using the heating pad, please do not fold it. Cover the heating pad with an item such as a cushion or fleece.
We used an intelligent thermostat controller that can regulate the temperature between 80°F and 130°F, the opening duration can be freely modified between 1h and 24h, and the "on" gear of the normally open function was added recently. Please keep in mind that turning off the pet heating pad after usage might help it last longer. Help your pet (dog, cat, rabbit, etc.) stay warm and comfy this winter.
Our exterior layer is constructed of scratch-resistant and waterproof PVC+polyester fibre material. A good anti-chew wire rope keeps the cord from being eaten, and anti-bite devices are available at the cord's end. Temperature control on a high/low scale. The temperature may be adjusted to a maximum of 104 degrees Fahrenheit. It can safeguard your pets by preventing overheating.
When pets sleep on soiled heating pad fabric covers, you may replace and wash them at any moment, offering them a peaceful sleep. And it can help to extend the life of a pet heating pad. Long-lasting oxford fabric and waterproof material, comfy, flexible, waterproof, dust-free, anti-electric shock (guarantee your pet's safety), and simple to clean by hand.
  • 🐕Healthy and comfortable
  • 🐕Constructed of scratch-resistant
  • 🐕Power-off protection temperature control
  • 🐕Waterproof & moisture-proof pet heating pad
  • 🐕Heating pad for dogs and cats
  • 🐕Removable cloth cover
  • 🐕Better safety protection
  • 🐕Power: 220-230V AC
  • 🐕Weight1lbs
  • 🐕Anti-scratch and anti-chew
  • 🐕Smart thermostat
  • 🐕Quick heating
  • 🐕Newborn warming bed