Studio lightbox portable photography lighting box blxck norway™

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Studio Lightbox Portable Photography Lighting Box. Check The Details To Know More

Stepless Dimming & High CRI - 112 high-quality LED Light Beads with a dimmable range of 1% to 100% are integrated, allowing you to effortlessly change the brightness to achieve the desired lighting effect. High Color Rendering Index (95+) and no strobe produce brighter and softer lighting, resulting in more natural-looking photographs with outstanding texture.

Multi-Angle Shooting - With many openings, you can select any photo shooting position for more excellent product features and beauty.

6 Color Detachable Backgrounds - The photo box includes 6 color detachable backgrounds (White/Black/ Orange/Blue/Green/Red), which are composed of thicker PVC and paper and are robust and wrinkle-free, allowing you to simply change backdrop colors and set up various shooting situations as needed.

Assembly in Second - The photography box is 12*12 inches in size and takes seconds to assemble. The entire installation of the portable ring lightbox takes only 10 seconds thanks to its unique folding design. There are no brackets. There are no screws. There's no need for a sophisticated lighting scheme. It's highly compact and convenient to use in many places without taking up a lot of space, thanks to a robust and waterproof carry bag.

Advanced Photography - Extra offered a special inner Reflection Board and Light Diffuser, which is the ideal practice for resolving the issue of excessively reflecting light on products and performing more contour details. Not just for amateur photographers, but also for professionals and skilled photographers.

Package Includes -
1. Main Studio Box(ring LED Panel) x 1
2. Soft Bag x 1
3. Black PVC backdrops x 1
4. White PVC backdrops x 1
5. Yellow PVC backdrops x 1
6. Red backdrops paper x 1
7. Blue backdrops paper x 1
8. Green backdrops paper x 1

Studio lightbox portable photography lighting box blxck norway™

Studio lightbox portable photography lighting box blxck norway™