LED Night Light Motion Sensor Wireless USB Rechargeable BLXCK NORWAY™

Finding your essential stuff from the kitchen cupboard can be a bit frustrating and time-consuming due to the darkness. If you are looking for an efficient cupboard or cabinet light, then we have got you covered with this amazing  LED Night Light Motion Sensor Wireless USB Rechargeable that is super easy to use. This is a perfect and smart technology light that can be installed anywhere for a beautiful look.
This light consists of 160 LEDs and comes in different colour options to choose from. You can also adjust the brightness of this LED light according to your requirements. These cupboard lights are quite convenient and easy to install without any hassle or tools. It comes with a magnetic stripe light with a 3-meter-long adhesive. You can install these lights anywhere without any need for screws. You can also use this night light motion sensor in the form of a flashlight.
These lights consist of four different modes-all-day sensor mode, night energy-saving sensor mode, always-on mode, and off mode. It has a highly advanced motion sensor that is combined with passive infrared technology to detect moving people. It turns on within 10 feet and automatically turns off after 20 seconds if there is no movement detected. These lights look so classy and elegant and are made up of an Aluminium alloy shell to give a long-lasting performance.
ThisLED Night Light Motion Sensor comes with a 1000mAh built-in battery that can be recharged quickly with the help of a USB cable. It is an energy-saving light that reduces light consumption and will save you money. You can also choose these lights as a gift for your friends and families to bring a wide smile to their faces. You can also install these lights on a staircase, corridor or closet.